Vendor Document Control

Ensure complete and on-time delivery of Vendor Documents by using standard document requirement lists (SDRLs) and making use of automatic email notifications. Assai supports automatic or manual transmittal based distribution and uses portals for easy document file exchange. In short, Assai helps you to expedite your projects and comes with an extensive suite of reports.

Standard Document Requirement Lists (SDRL)

Make use of Standard Document Requirement Lists (SDRL) to generate planned delivery dates for vendor documents. Due dates are calculated automatically and as the basis for control, late reports, and late email notifications. SDRLs also give you control over the complete delivery of vendor documents. Finally, stay in control through the use of outstanding and late reports as well as auto-generated email reminders.

Standard Document requirement lists SDRL

Transmittal Based Distribution

Assai’s transmittal module helps you process received documents, forward them internally, and return them to clients and contractors. In addition, Assai supports web-based redlining and markup, web-based stamps and electronic signatures. Vendors can upload and download files using the dedicated AssaiPORTAL. Moreover, files do not have to be attached to emails or published on dedicated FTP sites.


Assai’s reports support the expediting process by highlighting outstanding and late documentation and generating emails to vendors who are late or due to be late. Moreover, Assai helps the document controller, buyer, or package engineer in the expediting process and gives direct insight into the Procurement, Cost Control, and Finance departments. In conclusion, Assai saves time and helps you to capture all required vendor documents with correct approval codes and transaction details.


Vendor Document Control Standards

Set up vendor document standards independently from the design documents. Vendor documents have their own set of document types, status codes, and approval codes. Define a dedicated vendor document numbering structure, assign alternative document numbers, and relate vendor documents to equipment and purchase orders.

Asset Breakdown Structure

Vendor documents stored in Assai can be directly linked to equipment and tag numbers which are part of the asset structure. Find all vendor documents by walking down the asset structure tree to the level of equipment or tags. Moreover, progress can be monitored on the equipment or tag level.


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