Push documents through project teams and the wider organization using workflows. Make use of automatic workflow assignment based on metadata. Generate late emails and automatically escalate where needed.

Workflow Design

Workflows are designed using a graphical interface with typical ‘swim’ lanes, functions and decision points. Assai supports sequential and parallel workflows. Worfklows can be automatically assigned based on metadata documents, drawings, correspondence items. One can follow the progress of an item in the workflow charts.


Workflow Actions

Every user has a personal inbox showing all outstanding items. Here one can review the item, add comments and forward the item to the next or for that matter previous step in the workflow. Users are notified by email on receipt of a new workflow. AssaiDCMS supports automatic escalation to management in case workflows are not addressed in time and e-mail reminders can be generated automatically.


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Project Data Management

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Building Information Model (BIM)

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