During the Operational phase assets are maintained, extended and at the end of the life-cycle, de-commissioned. Maintenance and de-commissioning projects are mostly executed separately from the Operational environment. Documents and drawings made available to the maintenance projects, are getting up-revved, reviewed, commented and approved.

The Assai ‘Concurrent engineering’ module supports Operations in defining and controlling maintenance projects.

The Assai Concurrent Engineering module helps you assign documents and drawings to your projects. Documents and drawings can be assigned to different projects at the same time. When new revisions are uploaded, other projects working on the same documents and drawings are automatically notified. Operations is always in control. One is always informed on who is working on which documents. Or more specifically, one can even see which document revisions are the basis for the work a contractor is doing.

The module has now been extended with push, pull and acceptance procedures, further improving the functionality and helping to control maintenance projects.

Assai Concurrent Engineering is supported by AssaiPORTAL for easy download and upload by external parties with the Assai Integrated Project Environment for easy information exchange between different stakeholders.