Imagine a world where every critical document, every drawing, and every piece of data in your complex engineering projects and operations is not only effortlessly managed but also seamlessly shared, reviewed, and collaborated upon. Great news! That world is not a distant dream; it’s the reality that Assai Software brings to the complex engineering industry.

Elevating Document Collaboration to New Heights

In the complex engineering industry, the saying “information is power” couldn’t be more accurate. In the age of intricate projects, multi-disciplinary teams, and fast-paced developments, the correct information, precisely when and where you need it, can be the difference between success and costly setbacks. This is where document collaborations come into play.

Collaborative document workflows are essential for project management in the complex engineering sector. They include exchanging files, from design specifications and drawings to procurement records and compliance certificates. These documents are the connective tissue that binds a project’s various stakeholders together.

Implementing a decent Document Management System (DMS) built on the industry’s needs enables engineers to work together harmoniously, ensuring that every action is in sync with the project’s objectives. Accountability is baked into the system, and workflow efficiency becomes second nature, reducing costly delays and errors.

In this blog post, we will explore how Assai Software’s Document Control and Management System revolutionises how engineers and document controllers handle collaboration documents, unlocking new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. From enhanced teamwork to streamlined workflows, Assai Software’s solution reshapes the landscape of complex engineering projects and operations document management.

Challenges in Document Collaboration

1. Tracking Edits, Contributions, and Revision Histories
In a traditional document management system, it can be challenging to keep up with who is doing what and which document revisions are the latest. When several stakeholders are working on a document simultaneously, it’s easy for changes to get mixed up or for different versions of the same document to be floating around. This lack of clear information about how a document has evolved can lead to confusion, mistakes, and delays.

2. The Risk of Misunderstandings, Data Lost, and Overlapping Work
When project team members operate without a unified workflow, misunderstandings can lead to costly errors. Simultaneous edits can cause conflicting document revisions, disrupting workflow efficiency and project continuity. Additionally, there’s always the risk of losing essential data. Without a strong system for working together on documents, documents might get lost, or essential information might be put in the wrong place.

Assai’s Approach to Engineering Document Collaboration and Management

Assai provides a practical approach to enhancing how organisations manage and collaborate on engineering documents. By offering a range of valuable features and flexible configurations, Assai empowers companies to oversee, regulate, and encourage teamwork efficiently.

Within Assai’s system, you can store all documents, such as drawings, correspondence, emails, contracts, and POs, in one central location. This makes it easier for everyone involved to access the documents they need.

What makes Assai unique is its proactive approach to controlling documents, managing distribution, and keeping stakeholders informed. The system not only ensures secure access and efficient distribution but also pays special attention to how document revisions flow. This approach prevents conflicting changes, maintains document accuracy, and keeps stakeholders in the loop at all project stages and operations.

Assai’s dedication to simplifying engineering document management and promoting collaboration gives organisations a competitive edge. The system makes complex projects more manageable by improving efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

Assai’s Features for Engineering Document Collaboration and Management

Discover the range of features we offer to support collaborative document management and elevate your document control capabilities:

Deliverable management
Maintain full control over the status of project deliverables. This begins with pre-loading a Master Document Register (MDR) and extends through review, approval, as-building, and eventual handover to operations.

Revision Control
Assai simplifies your document control by automatically displaying the latest revision. Hence, no more wasting time searching for the most up-to-date version.

Automated distribution
Document controllers can effortlessly import distribution matrices or lists in Assai, enabling automated document distribution. This feature clarifies the necessary actions and who/when should perform them and elevates document collaboration.

Personal inboxes
Users are always on track regarding which documents need attention with Personal Inboxes, supported by action counters, notifications, and late action reminders. Delegating actions to others is possible when needed.

Integrated redlining
Optimise the review process with integrated and collaborative redline tools. Annotate documents, review others’ comments and stamp or sign documents to approve.

Distribution Dashboard
Gain real-time insights into the status of documents and transmittals through the Distribution Dashboard. Manage all Document Control actions efficiently from this central hub.

Assai provides a variety of standard reports directly within the application. Users can easily export these reports to applications like Excel for further analysis and reporting. Moreover, Assai offers Power BI integration for advanced reporting.

Maintenance projects
Organisations can assign documents to maintenance projects. The system supports seamless control of the latest revisions, ensuring a smooth transition from maintenance projects to operations.

Share & transfer documents to other projects
Effortlessly share and transfer documents to other projects. When shared, the ownership of the document remains in the source project, offering a “read-only” document in the receiving project. With a transfer, the document’s ownership is transferred to the new project.

Assai’s Features for Document Collaboration with External Parties

Assai Portal
Use the Assai Portal to collaborate with external parties who need to access, submit, or review documents, correspondence, or queries. This feature facilitates seamless communication with external stakeholders.

Staging area
The Staging Area is a dedicated space for internal document controllers to review and accept documents submitted by external parties. Once accepted, revisions become visible to all users, ensuring transparency and coordination.

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Assai’s Document Management System

Assai is a leading document management and document control solution for complex projects and operations across multiple industries, including Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Construction & Engineering, Transportation, Mining, Utilities, and Chemicals. The system offers a centralised repository equipped with easy and comprehensive search options for metadata and content, making it easy to manage and retrieve documents, drawings, correspondence, emails, and more.

The system also offers flexible integration with various tools such as Power BI, SAP, and redlining features, making it a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for document management needs. With expert support and training, Assai’s Document Management System is an excellent choice for any organisation seeking a secure, scalable, customizable document management solution. Check it out on our site, and feel free to book a meeting!

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